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"Oakiway" is a growing family brand, focusing on bringing the best unique gifts for our loved ones to the market, with the best designs, creativity, and service.

What our name means:"Oaki" is our family name, and our products is our "Way" of showing love and care...

In our family we always love, bringing gifts and surprising each other with gifts at any event or achievement..

We are investing a lot of effort into the development and design of new special gift products.

All our products are unique and you won't find them anywhere else...

Our Goal at OakiWay is to help our customers, by providing comfort, sympathy and inspirational gifts, to give them a great way, to show their love, care, and sympathy to their loved ones, or by upgrading their celebration events.

We all love Gifts! As we love to get them, we more love to give them...


This company goes beyond what most company's do these days

Maureen Swaim

Bought this for my husband on our 30th anniversary he loves it and proudly displays it, thank you for providing a quality product at a reasonable price, :)

Belinda johnson

Every year I start thinking months away about an anniversary gift, because I want to surprise my husband with a unique gift that will be special for him. I was so grateful.


I bought this for a dear friend of mine who's husband had passed away recently. She is an avid gardener, and placed it amongst her flowers. She loves how when the wind blows, the chimes have a light and soothing sound. 

Jo Jo

This memorial stone is Beautiful!!! Will buy more for sure....I placed it on the deck porch where my boyfriend's cat Kassidy stayed at all times....laying in a bar chair next to a tall table is where you could always find her..

Sandi freyer